One thing to ask yourself every day..

What’s something simple you can keep in your mind to make sure you stay on track each day with your Health and Fitness goals.

Ask yourself this question before each meal/food that you have.

“Is this taking me closer to my goals or not?”

If it is, fire ahead!

If it’s not, then don’t do it! (Or do it and mentally beat yourself up later!)

Sounds simple but it’s a good thing to have at the top of your mind when you may be feeling like going off track.

Now, obviously, you won’t be perfect 100% of the time. (We’re all human.)

If you have a chocolate bar, it’s not the best choice but if it’s done mindfully and taken into account of your daily intake then it’s still taking you closer to your goals.

I’ve found this useful in my own business too. If I’m about to spend some time scrolling Facebook instead of doing something from my to-do list, I’ll catch myself.

Now of course you can acknowledge that it’s not taking you closer to your goals and still do it anyways, but that’s not good for your discipline and self esteem when you keep sabotaging yourself!

Done once or twice over the week is fine, but if it’s something you continually do, then eventually it will become the norm and you’ll be further away from your goals.

Some self-discipline is going to be required to achieve your goal.

The good thing is it’s something that can be practiced daily.

Start rewarding your discipline by writing down the good habits you achieved each day.

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