How to stay in shape if you work in Google

So if you started in google, you probably can’t wait to get tucked into all the free food and the amazing choice on offer.

It’s not surprising then that a lot of ‘googlers’ put on some weight while sampling their way around the cuisine and the Presto quarter.

There is a funny trait with humans that when food is free, we tend to eat more of it and portion control goes out the window!

You can however, make use of this and get in great shape, while enjoying your food.

Let’s look at breakfast to start off.

If you go straight to the omelette quarter, well done as this is a great start to the day. Getting some high quality protein and some veggies, especially for someone trying to lose weight is a great breakfast.
Can you have porridge? Of course. Porridge is also a great option for breakfast, just make sure you don’t pour half the jar of honey over it 😉

For most people trying to lose weight, either option is fine.
If you don’t have breakfast or don’t feel that hungry, that’s fine too. You don’t HAVE to have breakfast. It won’t speed up your metabolism or anything like that.

For lunch, there are plenty of options.

For a good balanced meal you want to start with a protein source.
One palm size for women and 2 palm sizes for men. Any lean meats, fish, chicken etc is fine. If you are a vegetarian, try to get some of the higher protein vegetarian options.

Carbohydrates: If you haven’t trained or you are not training that day and you want to lose weight, limit the starchy carbs like rice, pasta, potatoes etc
Not that you can’t have them, but they are better taken on a training day.
Fill your plate with as much vegetables as you can. Think greens for nutrients.

The rest of your plate should have some good fats. If you are having salad then a small dressing of olive oil. Avocado is also a good option.
Remember, fats are higher in calories and one tablespoon can set you back about 100 calories so be careful if you are trying to lose weight or maintain.

You can eat healthy, and still put on weight.

For snacks in between I would normally recommend some fruit or a protein bar. This depends somewhat on your overall diet for the day and how many calories you are taking in.

I find a lot of clients don’t have much at home to prepare in the evening as most of their meals are in google and so they resort to something quick and handy.

However, just getting some things at the start of the week help to make sure you have some options for evening.

Again if you train in the evening it’s crucial to make sure you have some good protein and carbohydrate source for after your workout. You could have a whey protein shake with a banana or have a meal such as chicken stir fry with rice.

Again, this depends on the individual but don’t worry about having carbs after a certain time like 6pm. That’s a myth and has nothing to do with whether you gain or lose weight.

Some people have different tolerance to carbs depending on their body type.

But, as a general guide, you should earn your carbs! If you are going to the pizza quarter then make sure you train either before or after the meal.

For training, I would recomend resistance training for shaping and toning your body, over any cardio.

In fact I don’t do any cardio but still maintain a low body fat.

For training and trial workouts please go to the form here and fill out.

Also, if you want to join my free facebook group search “Ballsbridge health and Fitness” on facebook and request to join.

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