Common Metabolism myths

“I have a slow metabolism, that’s why I can’t lose weight”.

“Eat 5 meals a day to stoke your metabolism”.

Have you heard those before?

These are some common myths believed about metabolism.

It’s easy to blame metabolism on not losing weight. Yes, some people do burn less calories than other people, but that’s something you can change by doing resistance training and eating well. Some people can eat a lot more food without gaining any weight.

And men can eat more than women because we have a higher degree of muscle. Sorry ladies! We all have certain genetics, some luckier than others. But we can still make make significant progress, despite genetics.

Eat 5 small meals to stoke the metabolism

Eating regular meals to keep your metabolism burning is a myth as well. It sounds good in theory but it doesn’t have any science behind it.

Whether you eat 3 meals or 5 meals doesn’t really matter. What matters most is the total amount of calories from all your meals.

So, find whatever works for you but it doesn’t have to be 5 small meals if that doesn’t suit you.

If you have 3 meals a day and you that keeps you full and in a calorie deficit (assuming fat loss is the goal) then don’t change it.

Metabolism slows down with aging

Your metabolism goes down as you age, but not as much as most people think.

The only reason it goes down is because you lose some muscle as you get older.

If you do weight training for a period of time, but then stop that’s when you will start to lose some muscle.

But it’s not true that the muscle you gained will automatically turn into fat. (I’ve heard that one before too!)

Those are the main myths regarding metabolism.

The main thing you want to do to keep your metabolism from dropping is to build strength and muscle through resistance training and diet.

Don’t have time?

That’s an excuse!

If you have 90 minutes a week you have enough to gain strength and all the benefits that come from High intensity resistance training.

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