Myths Vrs Facts- Common misconceptions about Exercise

So today I am going to address some of the common myths in relation to exercise. There are many!

Unfortunately for the average person seeking to lose weight there is such a wealth of information out there that it is easy to get confused with information overload.

Here are some of the common myths Vrs Facts:



  • You need to exercise for long hours to get good results.


  • 90 minutes of quality exercise per week can give you all the benefits you need. Once the intensity is there.
  • Women will get bulky from lifting weights.
  • Women will develop lean sexy muscle, not get bulky! (unless you take steroids)!

  • Muscle turns into fat.
  • Simply not the case!

  • You need to do multiple sets of an exercise.
  • 97% of the research states 3 sets of an exercise are no better than one quality set. So why waste your time!

Please feel free to contact me for further information or to arrange a trial workout.

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