3 requirements for fat loss

What are 3 things you need in order for fat loss to occur?

This is not your typical answer like Exercise , Nutrition etc

So what are they?

1. Consistency, Accountability and Responsibility.

Consistency: This is the first one because getting into great shape requires you to be consistent week in week out. If your the type who goes to the gym for 4 weeks then drops off for 4 weeks, then you’l never achieve your goals. Harsh I know. But the next 2 things are the reason most people end up falling off and not being consistent.

2. Accountability: So it’s 7am Monday morning, you told yourself you would go to the gym. You wake up and It’s raining outside and you decide to hit the snooze button and leave it for today. You’ve only let yourself down. But if you had someone there waiting for you to show up for your session then you’d have to go. Accountability, one of the main reasons somebody invests in a trainer like myself. Having someone to hold you accountable gives you a reason to show up.

3. Responsibility: So your consistent and have Accountability. But there’s still one more requirement. Responsibility.
You have to take responsibility for your own success. This became apparent to me recently when a client who wasn’t getting results told me that in his head he handed responsibility over to me when he started. He didn’t take responsibility for himself.
I can train someone hard and give them the best workout, but it’s what happens in the other 23 hours I am not with them which will dictate what results they get.
I now make this well known at the start of any training so the client knows what’s expected of them.

So there you have it. If you have those things down, then you’re on the road to success.
Come to think of it, these areas are responsible for success in any area of life not just when it comes to achieving your Health and Fitness goals.

Now lets see if I can be more consistent with these blog posts 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Nigel ‘be consistent’ Lyons

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  1. GREAT Post my friend!! Keep up the good work!! I will be passing this on to others!!

    Dwayne Wimmer
    Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio

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