Online Training

Online Training and Program Design 

We have been operating locally out of Dublin, Ireland, serving busy professional clients for a number of years now.  However, we have gotten many questions and requests from outside of our locality for training and nutritional programming ideas.

That’s why we’ve decided to extend our service into an affordable online training and program design option.  If you’re in need of a new routine or are unsure of what to do next or where to go with your training, we will put together a professionally designed custom program for you.  Here’s how it works and what it will include:

After initially gathering some health history and establishing your goals, we’ll do a call to speak with you 1 on 1 to finalize a program design for you.

  • Personalized weekly training and nutritional coaching.
  • Free copy of my book, Optimal Fitness for Busy Professionals.
  • Progressions, modifications, and changes will be made weekly.
  • 1 on 1 attention from your trainer.
  • Monthly check ins for feedback, to evaluate, and reassess goals going forward.
  • Monthly coaching calls to discuss issues in more detail.
  • Monthly relevant and inspiring content delivered to your inbox.

This isn’t like other online sources of health and fitness information that may be questionable at best.  This is still coaching with your real live trainer on the other end delivering you step by step, customized and personally designed programming to meet your goals.

This is the same programming and attention given to our 1 on 1 clients, we are only delivering this programming through a different medium.  And we can design programming for you at home or in your gym.

And we’ve been able to open up this online training option for an affordable price of only €69/month. 

We still employ our safe and effective proprietary high intensity training programming. This program isn’t for everybody.  There are some prerequisites.  You must have some initial experience in resistance training and no contrainidicated conditions.  Our methodology isn’t going to be the traditional unfounded fitness info you’re used to hearing.  Our methods are scientifically supported, time tested, and proven.  It’s not the next fad diet.  It’s a no BS, no hype, against the grain method that has been working for those of us in the trenches for years which you can see from our testimonials.

Want to get started? 

If so, please fill in the form below with your email and we’ll be in touch with you right away.  It is an affordable price of €69/month with no long term contract and you can cancel it any time.  However, our space and time is still limited so we can only take on a select few clients for this service.  If this sounds like a good option for you, please fill in the form below and we look forward to getting started working with you.  Thank you!