Progressive Overload- The key to changing your body

One of the main mistakes you see in the gym is a lack of real effort.

Most people don’t push themselves hard enough during their workout.
The body is a very adaptable organism.
This means it needs to be subjected to a greater stress than what it’s accustomed to.

What does this mean?
Let’s say on your last workout you done a leg press and got 15 reps with 60kg. (Assuming you keep a workout log)
The next day you increase the weight 5kg and attempt the same amount of reps. You might only get 12 before you fatigue, but you’ve challenged your body to do more than you did last time.

There are many different variables which can be manipulated to make sure your body doesn’t adapt and receives a different stress, from frequency to volume, tempo and advanced techniques like drop sets and forced reps.

The program doesn’t have to be changed dramatically, so long as your making progress. Changing a program too frequently will not allow you to track your progress along the way.

So, the next time you workout, challenge yourself. Leave the gym feeling like you couldn’t have done any more.
You will notice the change in your body.
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Train hard!


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  1. Another GREAT Post, my friend. A problem with our industry is that most personal trainer do not focus on the effort as much as the amount of work. So there are a lot of people out there doing a lot of non productive work thinking it will yield the return they are looking for. There needs to be a shift in the education of trainers and the focus in the fitness industry.

    Dwayne Wimmer
    Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio

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