Exercise is like a drug

Slightly ‘out there’ subject line I know! Don’t worry I’m not about to tell you a magic drug you can take to shrink fat!

I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth mentioning again. Time is the main excuse people give for not being able to exercise and achieve their goals.

Recently, I’ve decided to do my own experiment with regards to exercise.

You see, exercise is like a drug. There is a minimum effective dosage. Just like a drug if you take too much of it it’s not going to help the illness.

So, with Exercise there is a minimum effective dose to initiate a positive adaptive response. Too much can have an adverse effect; and not enough or Exercise with a low intensity will not provide a stimulus to change.

At the moment, I am doing 90 minutes of total exercise in my new plan. 2 Full body workouts and one specialised arm day.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now and I’ve already noticed positive changes to my body. (I’ll spare you the topless selfies!)

Now it may not seem like much exercise, but in those 90 minutes I am focused on giving my body the maximum stimulus to grow and adapt. It’s intense, i’m not going to lie. But, the main variable that will get you results with exercise isn’t doing more, its intensity of effort.

That’s why I do shorter sessions with my clients. If you spend one hour or more exercising then I hazard a guess that it’s not very intense Exercise.

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