Stop comparing yourself


“Comparison is the thief of joy”.

You might have heard of that quote before. Continue reading

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The one “secret” trick to Exercise (and Life)


Ok, so I know that was the biggest click-bait type headline ever but it just reminded me of those headlines you see like “this one weird trick that burns fat from your tummy”… and you know you still click on them! Continue reading

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Change your story

What’s your story?

What’s stopping you from achieving your goals?

The truth is a lot of us put up stories or justifications for not achieving what we set out to.

Because, well it’s easier to tell yourself a story to justify it in your own mind.

Like the mother who says I’m too busy to workout or I don’t have time..

Or the busy professional who says he doesn’t have time to cook or prepare any healthy food! But still finds time to watch the new season of Suits!

Or someone who holds on to the face that it’s their bad genetics and they are just destined to be obese.

We all make up these stories or excuses some times.

Even if it is unconsciously, it makes us feel better.

But the real change happens when we get honest with ourselves.

Honest about why we’re not doing the work.

Why we are making up excuses.

It might be someone else who tells you the truth that you’ve been trying to hide under.

Someone who is impartial and isn’t afraid to call you out and hold you to a higher standard.

Now I’ll be honest, I’ve probably heard these before and not recognised that they were just stories the client was telling me.

Since, I’ve gotten more experienced I can normally tell when someone needs to be held to a higher standard.

It’s not always easy as it can be the uncomfortable truth that they don’t want to hear but you know they need to hear.

If you don’t have a coach to tell it to you straight then you have to have enough awareness to be honest with yourself.

Then you can start to make the changes you really know you should make, and stop hiding behind a story you’ve told yourself.

So, ask yourself, is there an area where you know you could improve, but you’ve made justifications in your mind that’s keeping you stuck but comfortable?

Become aware of those areas and what you’ve been limiting yourself, then flip the script and change the story.

“I don’t have the genetics” becomes I haven’t been blessed with good genes but that doesn’t mean I can’t overcome that with some changes.

“I don’t have time” Is that absolutely true?

Go through each of the areas yourself, and come up with a more empowering mindset that serves you instead.

Feel free to reach out to me at with any questions you might have.


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5 things stopping you from achieving your goals

What are the main reasons people don’t achieve their goals?

Because, according to statistics 92% of people who set a goal don’t achieve it. Continue reading

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One thing to ask yourself every day..

What’s something simple you can keep in your mind to make sure you stay on track each day with your Health and Fitness goals.

Ask yourself this question before each meal/food that you have. Continue reading

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Fear of failure (a different perspective)


Do you have a fear of failure?

Would you really like to achieve something but you have something holding you back?  Continue reading

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What stops you from losing weight..


We are creatures of habit.
We wake up, hit the alarm and hit auto-pilot…
You have breakfast.
You brush your teeth.
You get dressed.
You go to work. Continue reading

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Improve your mindset


I recently did a seminar and spoke about the 4 steps to success in health and Fitness. The first one being Mindset.

Mindset is a word used a lot these days and is becoming more popular.  Continue reading

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Common Metabolism myths

“I have a slow metabolism, that’s why I can’t lose weight”.

“Eat 5 meals a day to stoke your metabolism”.

Have you heard those before? Continue reading

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4 ways to measure how good your Nutrition is..

Nutrition can be quite complex but it can also be quite simple.

There are 4 criteria that a good nutrition plan should meet:

  1. Good nutrition properly controls energy balance.
  2. Good nutrition provides nutrient density.
  3. Good Nutrition achieves health, body composition and performance goals.
  4. Good nutrition is honest and outcome based.

Energy balance is the relationship between “energy in” (calories taken in) and energy out (calories used). This dictates whether weight is lost or gained or remains the same.

You can eat really healthy but still be in a calorie surplus and put on weight.

Nutrient density is the ratio of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fiber etc) relative to the total calorie content of food. A food with high nutrient density contains a large amount of nutrients. Think of spinach, brocolli, greens etc

But a good nutrition plan should also improve health, as well as body compostion. Too many focus on drastically losing weight while sacraficing their health and performance.

One thing to ask yourself is “How do I feel”?

Have I more energy? Am I sleeping better? Am I improving my body?

If so, then the nutrition plan is working.

If not, then there’s some room for improvement.

The last one is about being honest and outcome based.

Some people say “I eat really healthy” but I’m still overweight.

Then, obviously something isn’t working.

If you need help with your Nutrition feel free to e-mail me at




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